Overcoming Adversity While
Succeeding With the Power to Persist

by Deborah Chester
"The Greater your Storm the Brighter your Rainbow", "The Universe only gives you what you ask for so with your thoughts and actions there is no stopping you", "A Journey of a thousand Miles must start with a single step"

Deborah Chester

Inventor / Speaker / Author

Deborah Chester Biography

Deborah Chester is the inventor, founder, and CEO of RimPro-Tec, the award-winning wheel protection system with over 100 patents and trademarks worldwide, available in over 70 countries.

Born in Nottingham, England, young Deborah struggled with academics, due to undiagnosed dyslexia . Her learning challenges were often misinterpreted as daydreaming (she was nicknamed “the dreamer”) and, frustrated, she left school at age 15 and started her first business, a series of ‘clothes parties’ for the local ladies.

In August 2003, after a near-fatal horseback riding accident nearly took Deborah’s life, the Chesters decided to make a change. They packed up all their belongings and moved halfway around the world to a small town on New Zealand’s North Island.

In 2007, Deborah finally lived up to her childhood nickname when an eerily realistic dream warned her of a series of tornados that would ravage her family’s seaside home three weeks later, effectively saving her life. The storms left the Chester family with nothing but each other, destroying all of their material possessions and forcing them to move in with friends while they regrouped.

That was a turning point in Deborah’s personal journey. She learned that she could survive absolutely anything, and that no setback was too dire as long as she had her family. (This would serve her well in the early days of RimPro-Tec, as she tried to make a name for herself in the highly competitive, male-dominated auto parts industry.) She also began to pay closer attention to her dreams, listen to her intuition, and watch for the signs the Universe was sending, knowing that the answer might not always look the way she’d expected.

Deborah pushed through a decade of 17-hour workdays, intensive research, and a patent process so complicated and discouraging. In the face of staggering loss, personal and professional betrayal, and a patent process so grueling and discouraging that many a lesser man would have given up, she persevered. Through it all, her unwavering faith and inner wisdom were the key factors that guided her as she grew her idea into a worldwide brand.

Today, Deborah is a self-made millionaire, author, and motivational speaker, but she has never forgotten the shock of finding herself broke and homeless at the age of 33. She and her family take regular trips to Fiji, helping the local residents there with medical expenses and basic living essentials. She lives in Auckland, New Zealand with her husband Chris, where they working to set up a foundation to support parents and children cope with trauma.

Deborah's three adult children have inherited her uncompromising work ethic and entrepreneurial drive, each building their own ventures while working in the family businesses (which makes it easy to spend quality time together). She is thrilled to be able to share her story and hopes it will inspire women around the world to trust in themselves and follow their dreams.

Business Mentoring

Loves new start up and product design/Innovation and challenging times, motivated by seeing professional World Wide growth on products that I have or helped design and developed. Hands on from first Idea/design to world wide Distribution and Licensing.
Skills and Endorsements
  • Business Start up/new Business development
  • Help with the Book Marketing / Personal Brand Marketing
  • Business development
  • Management Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Business planning
  • Business Strategy
  • Product Management
  • Product Design
  • TV Film Production
  • Product Launch
  • Patents / Trademarks
  • Innovation Manager
  • Inventiveness
  • Prototype design


EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women
April 2017 - EY Ernst & Young

EY identifies a select group of high potential women entrepreneurs whose businesses show real potential

IP 100 Intellectual Property League
March 2017 - Metris Partners (UK)

Deborah (RimPro-Tec) Wins Top Ten for Brand and Reputation

SEMA Global Award 2012
November 2012 - SEMA (LasVegas)

Global Media Award for RimPro-Tec for the Deign and Development of the RimPro-Tec Wheel Band (Wheel Protection)

Car Magazine Best After Sale Award For Best New Product
May 2012 - NZV8 Fours & Rotaries Classic Cars

Best After Sales Products

Four Global Media Awards (SEMA) Las Vegas
November 2011 - SEMA (LasVegas)

Global Media Award for RimPro-Tec for the Deign and Development of the 22" to 26 " RimPro-Tec Wheel Band (Wheel Protection)

Innovation Awards
Octomber 2011 - Bayer

Bayer award Finalist Innovation 2011


RimPro-Tec World Wide

Co-founder and CEO
July 2007 - Present

Deborah has invented, designed, developed the RimPro-Tec wheel protection system. RimPro-Tec has been created to help prevent kerb damage to car wheels.

RimPro-Tec has Provisional and Full Patents and Trade Marks in over 100 countries worldwide.

Export, Distributors and Licensees in places around the world.

RimPro-Tec is made up of three parts. RimPro-Tec allows for the inners to be changed out with ease due to its unique clip to fit technology. RimPro-Tec is an easy to fit, one size fits for all size wheels from 12"​ to 22".

The customer can buy this as a discreet product to blend in with the wheel or with an aesthetic appearance that makes the wheel stand out from the rest.

RimPro-Tec is providing the opportunity for the Automotive market worldwide to benefit by this unique product.

All Company policies has been developed and implemented, and a Company strategy to take our RimPro-Tec product internationally has been created, I Identified all potential market sectors put together target list for NZ Australia, America,Canada,South Africa and other countries around the world.

I Developed and Implemented a plan to Distribute and License the RimPro-Tec Invention World Wide.

Successfully negotiated Distribution with some large companies in New Zealand, Australia, North America, Canada, France, China and a number of other countries.

K9H20 (Dog) Vitamin Water and Best Mate Pet Care Range

Developer and Co-founder
January 2013

The product had been developed and designed over a 2 year period with assistance from Massey University’s canine and feline nutritional department based in Palmerston North, New Zealand for our vitamin water formulation and palatability testing.

Extensive R&D took place, that lead us to produced a unique product that helps with the overall well being of your dogs health, vitality and hydration.

Shares Sold Early 2017

Flostone Industrial Flooring

Founder and CEO
March 2006

Negotiated and obtained exclusivity with Flowcrete Product range with in New Zealand and the Pacific islands.(Flowcrete's wide range of decorative and high-performance flooring systems These flooring systems are predominately used in manufacturing plants, stadiums, schools, hospitals, parking decks and other industrial or commercial environments that require lasting, decorative seamless systems.

Instrumental in taking the company from $0 turnover to a multi million dollar company.

Created and Designed all marketing literature,and advertising requirements.
Identified potential clients
Interviewed and retained staff
Managed all personnel requirements
Negotiated and obtained sole contracts for large customers (Air New Zealand, SkyCity, EdenPark etc.)
Identified, developed and implemented a business strategy

Co-ordinated the Company Expantion to Auckland (Sourcing and buying office/warehouse space).
Manage all budgets, cashflows and projections
Improved efficiency by implementing standard templates for quoting jobs, invoicing etc.
Plan and direct all projects to ensure achievement of standards we offer clients/Monitor job quality and performance
Manage all aspects of financial and trading performance

Chair management meetings
Maintain organizational values and reputation within all aspects of the business i.e. clients, staff, suppliers, partners and Official Bodies.
Produce monthly, quarterly organizational plans, performance, sales forecasts etc for Flowcrete group.
Implemented templates for use by all staff for ease of reporting
Manage financial/Ensure all Health & Safety practices are being met

Maintain quality management strategy and plans including resource systems, timescales, and financials to contribute to and integrate within the organizations annual business plan and long term strategy.
Staff are set goals that ensure that the Company’s annual and long term goals will be met.

Flostone was sold April 2012

Motivational Speaking

Motivational speaking based on my life experience that is written in my new book “Journey” overcoming adversity while succeeding with the power to persist.

How to attract more of what you want from the universe, I talk about my story of becoming homeless with my family after loosing everything when two tornado struck. (after moving to the other side of the world from the UK to New Zealand).

I will talk about the uncanny coincidences that lead to the most amazing successes in my life. Not to mention the hunted pub and the failures I soon learned was there to show me the future and push me a long the road to the bigger picture.

I will tell you my story and I hope to make you feel motivated and inspired. You may want your tissues but my plan is for you to walk away smiling, knowing if you just change your thoughts you can change you life.

So why would you book me, after all I’m just me, a child suffering from dyslexia, the lady that struggled more than anyone will know (well until I tell you my story)… I found the answer that lead me to be the founder and CEO of a number companies, World distribution with my invention RimPro-Tec in over 26 countries.

I'm just the same as you, someone that wants to help and someone that wants to help others, with the only difference there might be is I had a dream that saved my life and changed my live like no on could of imagined. I have had to overcome great personal adversity and I now use this to motivate and coach and inspire others.

I am me, I am no different to you or anyone else on this Earth. I have the same emotions and boy, I cry every time I tell my story, so what you hear is from my heart not full of mumbo jumbo it is my story and it is all true.

I stepped out of my comfort zone and I'm hoping you will step out of yours, after over coming life challenges that turned my World upside down and it all happens in a click of a finger.

Mentoring Startups

Starting a business but don’t know where to start, it can be very hard and very confusing.

If your not carful you can climb around the houses, up and down the mountain several time before you find your way. Ten steps forward and 20 back can often be the case if you have not done it before and don’t have the guidance you need, (Yes I did it the hard way).

This is where I can help, I’ve already climbed the mountain and ran around the houses many times to later find out there is a quicker way to the finish line.

Well thats why I’m here to help with your start up, it might be an idea you have or product you want to patent and launch to the Worldwide market.

Starting your business can be a lonely road especially if your the first to do anything like it in your family, they want to help but don’t know where to start either.

Any mentor you choose too work with, will be there for support and guidance in your venture.

I will be there to inspire, share my knowledge and offer an outlook on different ways and to view things in your business journey with you.

So lets set a direction and move forward.